Sunday, April 10, 2016

Download Ubuntu Desktop in VMWare

  1. Go to and download Ubuntu 14.04.4LTS. You want to download 64 bit version unless you are using something from your grandfather's age. It will take a while to download.

2. After Downloading is complete, open VMware and click 'Create a New Virtual Machine'.

3. On Installer disc image file, browse to the iso file you downloaded in step 1. Then Click Next.

4. Enter your information and click next.

5. Give your machine a name, and you can keep in the default location. Then hit Next.

6. Give at least 8GB of storage, and split virtual disk, then hit next.

7. Click on customize hardware, we would like to change some settings.

8. Choose Network Adapter (NAT) and click Add.

9. Add Hardware Wizard will pop up. Choose Network Adapter and click Next.

10. On connection type choose 'Host Only' and click Finish.

11. Close the hardware settings and click Finish on New Virtual Machine Wizard.

12. It will be ready and fired up in few minutes. Enter the password you created in step 4 and start playing in Ubuntu.

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